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Lionheart Meditation

 Enriching lives with mindful practices which are playful, powerful and practical.






I am Max Cook, founder of Lionheart Meditation. 


I used to think that my life was amazing. I had everything going according to ‘plan’; amazing job, amazing partner, searching for a first house together, running a successful start-up business. Things were sweet. 


Then, everything changed. 

Sitting next to my beautiful fiancé as she was told she has an extremely aggressive cancer and has about 5 months to live.

I was left in a state of shock and confusion. 

My world had been turned upside down, everything lost meaning and i couldn't see the point of life anymore. 


I started a journey to help me cope with the pain, confusion and to (re)-discover my meaning of life. 

I chose to take this as an opportunity to understand life and why it is so precious, to appreciate every moment and to take back control of my life. I chose to go within myself, to feel the pain, to understand and to grow from it. 


On my journey, I immersed myself in various traditional mindfulness practices from around the world, from Buddhist philosophy and meditation, Shamanic healing and plant medicines, to yoga and pranayama, and finally Wim Hof (breathwork and cold therapy). 


These practices gave me the tools and inner space to understand and explore my emotions, gain clarity, heal and create the life I wanted. 


This process of gaining knowledge, understanding and then integration of different modalities, gave me a deep understanding of ancient practices and how they can work in our modern lives. 


This was the beginning of my journey to create Lionheart Meditation and to share this wisdom with the world, to make it applicable for the modern Western lifestyle. 









Lionheart Meditation is about enriching lives with mindful practices which are playful, powerful and practical. Our philosophy draws upon ancient wisdom and practices of meditation, infused with contemporary insight and delivered in a relatable and accessible format - stripped of the 'spiritual' fluff, fashion and BS which so often gets in the way of the real fruits of these practices. 


Our mission is to demystify spiritual practices and foster an appreciation for their importance in everyday life. Through playful and powerful techniques, we empower individuals to explore their inner power, heal, grow and discover their true potential.


To achieve this, Lionheart Meditation offers a range of modalities tailored to the unique needs of each individual, including:


- Applied Meditation and Mindfulness: Our approach to meditation and mindfulness is practical and designed to integrate into your already-busy life. We provide tools to manage stress, anxiety and cultivate a deeper sense of awareness and purpose.


- Adventure Therapy: Our adventure therapy sessions allow individuals to connect with nature and explore their inner selves in a safe and transformative environment. Through applying mindfulness practices to adventure activities, these sessions are designed to challenge individuals physically and mentally, allowing them to break through limitations and reach new heights.


- Breathwork: We are certified in a range of breathwork techniques including:

 Yogic Pranayama techniques,

 Wim Hof Method,

 Buteyko functional breathing instructor through Oxygen Advantage. 

These powerful techniques are scientifically proven to regulate the nervous system, increase energy levels, reduce stress and improve overall health and wellbeing.


- Coaching and Mentor Programs: We offer medium to long-term coaching and mentor programs to help individuals deepen their practice and take their personal and professional lives to the next level.


- Online and In-person sessions: We offer online and in-person sessions to ensure accessibility and flexibility for our community.


-Certified Wim Hof Method instructor


-Certified Oxygen Advantage (Buteyko) functional breathing instructor. 


At Lionheart Meditation, we are committed to helping individuals achieve their highest potential. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Our Values:


      Play – We believe that learning and practice should be fun, engaging and relatable.


      Force for Good – We strive to use our practices to promote positive change in our communities and environment.


      Courageous – We are unafraid to take risks, challenge the status quo and strive for change in the industry.


      No Strings Attached – These practices are free from any religious or sectarian bias, rituals, or beliefs, allowing you to enjoy their benefits without any unnecessary extras.


      Sincere – We believe that true progress begins with an open heart, an open mind and a commitment to self-improvement.


     Safety - Establishing a secure and nurturing atmosphere that allows individuals to feel comfortable and empowered to be vulnerable.

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